UU Talks

UU Talks: We are creating an ongoing and ever-widening speakers series, similar to TED Talks, where Speakers will speak about topics aligned with UU Values.  Early 2016 we will be launching UU Talks in selected inaugural locations, and expanding into national and international locations. 

These will be live events, available also steaming online. (YouTube)

  • Those who desire to be Event Organizers will be provided with an easy-to-implement “How-to” manual and given support by the UU Speakers Collaborative in launching UU Talks in their location. 
  • The selection of speakers for a UU Talk is in the hands of the individual event organizers and not limited to speakers listed in UU Speakers Collaborative.
  • UU Talks must be hosted by individuals and groups who identify as Unitarian Universalist, including: UU Congregations, UU Camps, UU Ministries, Committees and Organizations, and even Districts, Regions and International Convocations.

We encourage congregations and organizations who wish to enhance their fundraising incomes in an innovative and fun way, to contact us about being a Host site for UU Talks!

In addition to specifically generated UU Talks, we will network with congregations and other UU entities who record sermons, classes, workshops, etc to make such more widely available online and distributed in CD (audio) and DVD (video) formats.

UU Speakers TALKS cover photo1
These amazing UU speakers and musicians pictured above were TEDx speakers in Concord, MA.  View their talks: HERE

For more information and to become a UU Talks Host, click HERE.