Welcome to UU Speakers Collaborative.  We are an independent resource serving those in ministry, helping to further their work and grow Unitarian Universalism! Below are a few quick facts about UU Speakers Collaborative.  Visit this site often as we are weaving it together this month, after more than a year of planning!    Please be sure to “like” our Facebook page! And contact us if you have any comments or questions.

  • UU Speakers collaborative is a platform to highlight and promote the work and ministries of Unitarian Universalist public speakers:

~ guest ministers & pulpit supply;

~ congregational consultants, workshop leaders and lecturers;

~ UU evangelists, transcendental and transformational teachers;

~ music and artist ministries;

~ youth and special interest ministries, including but not limited to: LGBTQ, Reproductive Justice, Black Lives Matter, Climate Justice, Human Rights, Death with Dignity, Prison Ministries, etc.

  • UU Speakers Collaborative will serve as an online resume database for all those in ministry, including settled ministers.
  • UU Speakers Collaborative will also promote and schedule individuals and groups for appearances, pulpit supply, teaching, etc.
  • UU Speakers Collaborative will partner with UU Talks (similar to TED talks, only encompassing Spirituality, Religion, and exploring other such topics not included under TED banners)
  • Our cover photo is comprised of pictures of fellow UUs who were TEDx speakers at a TEDx event hosted by “Twinkle” Marie Manning in Concord, MA. View their TEDxTalks HERE


  • Our work is not originated by the UUA, nor is it facilitated by the UUA. 

~ We do support the missions of the UUA, and other international UU councils worldwide to grow Unitarian Universalism.

~ Each of our founding Steering Committee members are of Fair Share congregations in the USA. 

~ We have decided at this early stage to answer the call of growth visibility by engaging in UU brand identity through use of the red shading to orange chalice logo.

uua chalice

  • What was the inspiration for the formation of UU Speakers Collaborative?

Being in conversations with Worship and Program Chairs, as well as Event Planners for congregations and UU special interest groups, a significant part of their roles are to source guest ministers, speakers and musicians.  This is no small task.  While “Googleing” is helpful, it is tedious and time consuming.  There are some links available via the UUA, Regions, Districts and ministry associations, yet they are incomplete and not always up-to-date, nor do they always contain easy contact information to be able to book speakers.  Most do not have enhanced search tools, speaker rates, calendar availability nor do most identify speakers’ range of topics and presentation styles. 

Worship Chairs, Program Directors and Event Planners wished there were a readily-available platform with a fully compiled list of amazing UUs ready to motivate and inspire our congregations – available in one online site.  Ideally, a website where they could read speaker bios, see a glimpse of their work (sermons/videos/Mp3s/etc), and discover what their primary ministry focuses are.   A website where they could search by topic, fee, geographical location, willingness to travel, and types of speaking speaker provides (pulpit supply, workshop leadership, panel discussions, public forums, small group ministry, coaching, etc).

UU Speakers Collaborative is designed to create and nurture just such a platform.   

  • To be a member of UU Speakers Collaborative or to speak at a UU Talk, must I be a UU?

The short answer is “no” :) We anticipate our membership and our UU Talks speakers to be largely comprised of those who identify as Unitarian Universalist.  As we curate our listings and membership, we will dedicate significant time to identifying available UU speakers, as growing Unitarian Universalism is our primary goal.  That said, UU Speakers Collaborative strives to be diverse in all manners and looks forward to cultivating relationships with a broad range of speakers, and interfaith and secular outlets to promote our members to.


Email: UU@UUSpeakers.org

Phone/Text: (760) 889-5428

Phone: (207) 536-8554